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Pool beanbag 'Premium Pool Cushion' Medi 160x120

Pool beanbag 'Premium Pool Cushion' Medi 160x120


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The Original Pool Bean Bag

"Premium Pool Cushion" Medi 160x120 cm

This is the short brother of the original chillisy pool beanbag, awarded the “German Design Award Special 2019”.

The Premium Pool Bean Bag Medi is for use in and around the pool.

The length is 160 cm, the width 120 cm, the height 30 cm.

Ideal for one or two people.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Premium Pool Cushion Medi 160x120cm

Relaxing on the water

The floating pool beanbag is a floating lounger, pool chair and chaise lounge all in one - for sophisticated demands. This giant cushion gives you support, comfort and a sense of security that you have never felt before on the water. It is as if the floating poolbag is calling out to you: "Just let yourself go, it's chill time!"

This is a new way of relaxing, relaxing like never before, putting your thoughts on a cloud and letting them drift away so that you can finally start... to dream... Let yourself be gently caressed by the warm rays of the sun, gently swaying on the water in your chillisy ® pool beanbag, simply letting your mind wander.

But be careful! Once you have followed this request, there is a very high risk of becoming a repeat offender - because this floating feeling is amazing!

Of course, all chillisy pool bean bags can be used indoors, outdoors and on yachts, both in the water and on land. But be careful! Please do not drag the pool cushions across the floor, but carry them so that the textile cover remains in perfect condition.

The floating pool bean bag "Premium Pool Cushion" was invented by Isa Schütze in 2010. It consists of a waterproof inner cushion filled with high-quality polystyrene beads.

The self-acclimatization of the inner cushion provides you with optimal lying and sitting comfort. A textile cover that meets the requirements of the pool, the sea and the lake: does not fade but continues to shine brightly, does not mold,
etc. and also feels like cotton. This pool cushion really gives the person lying on it the feeling of floating at the highest, unsurpassable level.


  • Product: Pool beanbag
  • Size: Medium (160x120 cm)
  • Length: 160cm
  • Width: 120 cm
  • Height: approx. 30 cm
  • Awards:
  • Use: Pool, Sea, Lake, Land - Indoor, Outdoor, Yacht
  • Textile cover (100% premium acrylic with special waterproof finish) with water-resistant zipper, waterproof and welded inner cushion filled with white polystyrene beads in virgin quality
  • Seams: 3-fold seam with tear-resistant and colourfast thread
  • Completely manufactured in Germany
  • 5 year warranty
  • The right care products for your pool cushion: CLEANER & PROTECTOR

This product is “Made in Germany”

The weatherproof pool bean bag covers made of premium acrylic fabric are hand-sewn in Germany with the utmost precision. The filling consists of high-quality polystyrene balls, which are enclosed in a tear-resistant and waterproof inner bag. This ensures a low weight and maximum sitting and lying comfort. The Pool collection enables completely new relaxation options on the water, in private, commercial and public areas.

Features of the Pool Bean Bag Cover
  • removable
  • breathable
  • colourfast
  • UV light resistant
  • Chlorine and salt water resistant
  • Water-resistant zipper for easy removal of the cover
  • easy-care
  • Machine wash 40°
  • fast drying
  • tear-resistant and dimensionally stable cover
  • tear-resistant seams
  • mold resistant
  • durable
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • water and dirt repellent (PFOS-free)
  • Material origin: European Union
  • Sewn with precision by hand in Germany

Known from numerous media

The first cushion that can swim! In 2010, the chillisy swimming cushion was a sensation: it was the first beanbag that was suitable for water and swimming. In 2019, the chillisy pool beanbag was awarded the German Design Award. No wonder that this premium version is shipped all over the world. The most famous magazines such as MADAME , MADAME LIVING , SCHWIMMBAD+SAUNA , POOL MAGAZIN - just to name a few.... have been reporting on the original chillisy SWIMMING CUSHION since it was launched in 2010:

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