Chillisy (pronounced as "chill easy"), the hip brand headquartered in Landeck / Tyrol, produces in Germany and Austria and since 2010 creates beautiful home textiles for indoor, outdoor and pool.

With its innovative products, such as the invention of the floating pool cushion, the XXL swimming noodle and the special color palette, Chillisy simply belongs in every trend-conscious household.

The home textiles are made exclusively from the highest quality materials that originate from the European Union, are free of pollutants and have been awarded the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate.


The materials used are of the highest quality, durable, all come from the European Union, are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and are processed in Germany and Austria - sustainable - to the final product.


Our home textile collections consist of cushions, blankets, table runners, pool cushions, lounge cushions, motif pillows, hot water bottles etc.


In addition to our standard range, we also execute individual customer orders, regardless of the order quantity and order type. Classics among them are, for example, pillows and blankets which are embroidered with the company logo. But also Lodenrucksäcke, bread baskets, table runner or pool cushion in a special format.